pass a drug test

Beating a Drug Test

beat a drug test
pass a drug test
passing a drug test

Beating a drug test

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Beating a Drug Test

As you can imagine, the topic of beating a drug test is a common subject in the emails and the phone calls we receive on a daily basis.

Most people do not have a clue about beating a drug test so I basically have to start from scratch when trying to educate them.

So, that is the how I will begin with this article on beating a drug test.

The key to beating a drug test is to flush the drug metabolites from your system. By flushing I essentially mean removing the traces of drug use. There are so-called 'masking agents' readily available on the internet and in the head shops but this is not the best way to go about beating a drug test. This method can be detected and may have disastrous results ( job loss, incarceration,child custody issues, etc. ).

There are full body detoxification products in the marketplace but my knowledge on them is limited. This is due to the fact that my primary customer base is comprised of individuals looking to pass a drug test within hours or less, not days or more. I have not researched any of these because they can often take a week or more to become efective and most of my guys and gals just can't wait that long.

Pass your drug test...
  • Pass any drug test
  • Pass a hair drug test
  • Pass a urine drug test
  • Pass a saliva drug test
  • Let's get back on track to toxin removal. If you have a need for beating a drug test quickly you must address the particular type of drug test. If it is a piss drug test you need to clean your urinary tract. If it is an oral drug test you will need to wash the salivary gland and if it is a follicle drug test you'll need to strip the shaft.

    All of these present individual challenges but can be overcome by using these formulas for beating a drug test.

    When beating a drug test becomes a priority I strongly suggest that you do your homework when selecting a drug test detox blend. I do not want to scare you away from using these but there are some unscrupulous jag-offs out there that will sell you something that simply will not work.

    That's about it for this go around on beating a drug test. I sincerely hope this information will be of assistance to all of my readers.

    Good luck to all and be safe out there!

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