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Drug test

Drug Test Information that can help you pass a drug test.

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Drug Test

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The chances of you having to take a drug test has probably increased ten fold over the last two decades.

If you are a non drug user the possibility of a drug test is of no concern to you. If you do use drugs though a drug test can be devastating to your life.

The reasons quoted for a drug test are many but primarily they are safety and productivity in the workplace.

There may however be an underlying agendas involved in the drug test industry. Let us explore those now.

1. Drug test revenue: There are huge profits being made by drug test manufactures. Billions, ( yes, with a 'B'), are pocketed every year.

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  • 2. The drug test from the political and social standpoint is somewhat more complex but certain aspects are very clear. The DEA has stated publicly that they have a desire to root out all drug use in the country. The problem is that the typical drug consumer is an otherwise law-abiding citizen who is employed and pays his bill. The drug enforcement establishment cannot get their hands on these individuals in the traditional manners (arrests). With the advent of the employee drug test they can now get access to this otherwise inaccessible individual.

    3. A myriad of other professions thrive on illegal drug use and the catching of people with the utilization of a drug test. Some include:

    a. Prisons - dollars are made by privately ran detention facilities for every single prisoner incarcerated.

    b. The mental health profession - treatment and in house substance abuse programs are highly profitable enterprises.

    c. Lawyers - when you get jammed up with a drug test and get drawn into the legal system is to contact someone to get you free.

    The list is almost endless when it comes to beneficiaries of the modern drug test.

    A drug test can be administered various ways:

    1. Hair drug test, See; article to pass a hair drug test, these hair follicle shampoos and this hair drug testing information.

    2. Urine drug test, See; article to pass a urine drug test, these flushing agents to pass a urine drug test and this urine drug testing information.

    3. Saliva drug test, See; article to pass a saliva drug test, these mouthwashes to pass a saliva drug test and this saliva drug testing information.

    Are a few.

    At work you can be subjected to the following type of drug test. See Types of drug testing for more details.

    1. Random drug test - used as a deterrent.

    2. Post-accident drug test - crash a forkilift?

    3. For cause drug test - late often? Acting oddly?

    4. Prehire drug test - prior to hiring.

    5. And just about anything else .... Maybe you pissed your boss off?

    So next time you are given a drug test remember, it is not necessarily you they are looking at, they want to line their pockets with some cold hard cash.

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