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How to Pass a hair drug test

Pass a hair drug test today with these hair drug test tips & information.

Pass a Hair Drug Test

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Below is some advice you can use to prepare to attempt to pass a hair drug test:

1. Stop drug use as soon as you know you have an upcoming hair drug test.

2. Exercise helps. Begin an excercise program, especially cardio. Any activity that increases your heart rate will get rid of toxins.

3. Watch your diet. Balanced food intake with vegetables and steady fluid consumption will help.

4. Review this info on hair drug testing.

The above are helpful steps but your best bet is some type of hair cleansing solution.

Hair drug testing Information & Tips

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    Undetectable Toxin Removal!

    Hair drug screens are becoming more popular in the workplace with todays employers. They are a bit more expensive but they are considered much less invasive. The thinking is, ( if thoughts are involved in the war on drugs at all ), that a little snippet of hair is nothing compared to having to drop your undies and pee into a bottle in front of a stranger.

    Gee, that is big of them to think about you as opposed to their bottom line.

    Back to the subject at hand, 'pass a hair drug test' ....

    Hair drug testing can be nigh impossible to beat without some preperation. If it is a hair drug test you will need to pass and they do it randomly you are probably screwed. Just what you wanted to hear, right?

    But there still might be hope to salvage the situation. When your hair drug test is administered don't kick around and scream. This will not help in the least.

    Simply provide them with a hair sample to be tested, and do it with a smile.

    If you should happen to fail your drug test don't pitch a fit. Explain to them, in your most innocent voice, that a mistake has been made and could you pretty-please retake the test.

    At this point they should reschedule you to take another hair drug test.

    Run out and purchase a hair follicle shampoo designed to help you to pass a hair drug test.

    Follow the directions to the letter.

    The day of the hair drug test give them your hair strands and you should be good to go!