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Pass a saliva drug test

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pass a drug test
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How to pass a saliva drug test

Learn how to pass a saliva drug test today.

Pass a Saliva Drug Test

This is part of a series I am writing on drug tests. A prior page included Pass drug test. For more information to pass drug test visit our main page or here to pass a saliva drug test.

"I ain't got no spit".

That was a line from the 70's Blockbuster movie 'Jaws'. One of the characters, Richard Dreyfuss, was off to do battle with the shark. My hero. The big fish that is, not that jackass 'Dick' D.

When you get flagged for a saliva drug test though, can you imagine the reaction you would get from your boss? That would be quite a hoot.

But enough of my trivia. Let us return to the topic at hand, 'Pass a Saliva Drug Test'.

pass a saliva drug test
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In this article I will try to pass on info regarding ways to pass a saliva drug test which I have aquired over many years in the drug test racket.

When attempting to pass a saliva drug test here are things you need to keep in mind:

1. A saliva drug test is much like a blood drug test and is hard as hell to pass without some time of saliva cleanser. That is the bad news.

2. On the bright side though, a saliva drug test only goes back a few days so if you have not drugged-it-up in the last 72 hours you will probably pass your saliva drug test.

3. See this for more on saliva drug testing.

Saliva Drug Test Facts

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    The saliva drug test is rapidly becoming popular with employers. No whining about urine specimen cups, loss of hair or tainted needles. Just a quick mouth swab and your future can be destroyed. Isn't technology marvelous?

    This scenario is great for that mega-corporate giant you grind away daily for but it really sucks if you like to smoke a bit of marijuana at the end of a long workday to take the edge off. In todays society they would rather have you tanked up on gin with a failing liver. Makes you a grand revenue generator for the healthcare 'professionals'.

    Currently, the primary application of the saliva drug test has been in a post-accident capacity. In other words, crash the forklift at work and chances are you will have a date with a saliva drug test.

    I will be the first to admit, in a workplace related incident I think drug testing of this type, saliva that is, is perfectly appropriate. The fact is, your job is not the place to do drugs ( unless it is the Postal Service ). You endanger yourself and others.

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