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Pass drug tests

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pass a drug test
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Pass drug tests

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Irregardless of your beliefs or position on drug tests and whether or not attempts to pass them should be legal, everyone will agree that drug tests have increased in the workplace and with that the need to pass drug tests.

Now, before we proceed I feel compelled to tell you that under certain circumstances it is highly illegal to attempt to pass drug tests. For instance, if you have been arrested for some type of criminal offense and placed on court ordered probation you can bet that part of that agreement is not to do drugs. Therefore, it is safe to assume that it would be in violation of your release to use and try to pass drug tests. Under this scenario you may be detained and re-incarcerated.

Employment drug tests are another topic completely. Many times there are no laws against diddling with testing results. In fact, in some instances it is against local codes for your employer to subject you to drug tests. Sadly enough, you can be subjected to drug tests because your boss has developed a dislike for you. These situations vary greatly and are beyond the scope of this article.

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  • Once again, no one is rendering judgement on a specific situation. but everyone needs to be aware that there could be consequences for trying to pass drug tests.

    On to a few tidbits on pass drug tests:

    1. Don't do it. This is a no-brainer. Stay away and you won't have to pass drug tests.

    2. Flushing drug toxins from your system. This is generally accomplished with a naturally formulated detox drink. These are available on the internet or in many so-called head shops. Be careful of your selection though, some of these simply do not work.

    3. Masking drug use. This usually involves tampering with the samples in some manner to allow you to pass your drug tests.

    Whatever you do when it come to passing drug tests, excercise extreme caution. You can overdo it. This can be detected and land you in a whole other bunch of trouble.

    I hope this has been helpful to all of you with your efforts to pass drug tests. It really is not as scary as it sounds to pass drug tests.

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