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All directions will be clearly marked on the packaging

ClearChoice GreenClean Concentrate

ClearChoice GreenClean - USE DAY OF THE TEST

Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for at least 48 hours before your deadline. Do not eat or drink for 4 hours prior to using this Clear Choice® product. Allow 60 minutes for the Green Clean(tm) to become effective.

For best flavor, refrigerate Concentrate before opening. Shake well then drink entire Concentrate as quickly as possible. Immediately after consuming the Concentrate, take two of the Herbal Detox Capsules with a 16 ounce glass of water. Wait 15 minutes then take the two remaining Herbal Detox Capsules with another 16 ounce glass of water. * Individuals weighing 200 lbs. or more should drink an additional 8 ounces of water.

Urinate frequently to remove toxins. Continue to avoid food and beverages. The Green Clean(tm) will become effective one hour after taking all of the Herbal Detox Capsules and you will be in the Clear Zone(tm) for up to five hours.

Maximum effectiveness is achieved within the first hour and you have a 5 hour Cclear Zone(tm) to give your urine sample.