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How to Detox to pass your drug test

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First off, a bit of an introduction is in order ... My name is Ben and I am the owner of If you call my toll free number, 1.866.866.4472, I will be the one to pick up the phone. I have been selling these products since 1998 and I want very much to help you pass your drug test. About 80% of my business is repeat so I know for a fact that if I help you beat your drug test today chances are you'll be back again for help passing your next drug test.

When I tell you these products work to pass a drug test, trust me, they do.

1. I have been taking credit cards as payment for over 8 years. Taking into account the nature of these products if they did not work Visa would shut me down in a heartbeat.

2. I am NOT going to sell you a product that will not beat your drug test to put maybe 8 bucks in my pocket then have you call me up at 3am hollering at me because you failed your drug test. Or worse yet, come by my place of business. There are better ways than that to make a living.

I want you to pass your drug test.
The only calls I really want to take are from happy & satisfied customers. The ONLY way to accomplish that is to sell my customers products that WORK by helping you pass your drug test !

Now, let's see if we can't find you what you need ... The first step to pass a drug test is to determine what type of drug test you will need to pass. I know this sounds like a simple statement but I cannot tell you how many people call to find out how to pass a drug test and when asked what type they do not have a clue.

This is an understandible occurence - you are basically blindsided at work with the notification of an impending drug test and the panic sets in!

So, Step 1 in passing your drug test will be to find out the drug test type. Once you know that please proceed to one of the below links:

A quick word on my ratings ... I fully understand that many users will stick with the higher priced detox solutions because they are more familiar with them and have a higher comfort level. But I assure you, ALL of the detox products I sell are fully guaranteed by the manufacturers and ALL of them work!

MY criteria for the ratings are based on a number of factors including EFFECTIVENESS, ease of use and affordabilty. Basically a higher rating means you are getting the most value for your money.