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Stinger Mouthwash

Stinger Mouthwash
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Stinger Mouthwash works within minutes to ensure you pass a saliva drug test. Stinger Mouthwash is easy to use, guaranteed and completely undetectable. These are the key elements to making Stinger Mouthwash the top selling mouthwash to pass a saliva drug test!

Use to pass a saliva drug test.

Customer Feedback:
'Stinger Mouthwash - An absolute lifesaver! A forklift accident occured at work and even though I was not involved our insurance policy required that all persons within the immediate area submit to a saliva drug test. I was able to step out to my locker & grab the Stinger Mouthwash (I take the label off and keep it at work). As usual, the Stinger Mouthwash helped me pass my saliva drug test but sadly a number of other employees got dinged. I hated to see my friends jammed up but I must say that it all ended very well for me that day.' - Robert L - Houston, Texas

Bens' Rating
Really Effective. Really Easy to use. Priced Right. Completely UNDETECTABLE! What more can I say?

From Stinger:
Our Stinger Mouthwash Destroys toxins in your salivary glands insuring you provide a clean saliva sample. 100% Guaranteed and works in minutes!

How to pass a saliva drug test with Stinger Mouthwash:

Sip small amounts of Stinger Mouthwash and swirl in mouth for AT LEAST ONE MINUTE.

Spit out or swallow Stinger Mouthwash when finished. Repeat until entire bottle is used up.

USE Stinger Mouthwash FULL STRENGTH. DO NOT brush or drink anything after using.


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