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ClearChoice Herbal PreCleanse

The ClearChoice Herbal Precleanse is a daily supplement that helps your body keep drug toxins low. The Herbal Precleanse formula does this naturally by increasing your body's metabolism to process drug metabolites out of your system daily. A low metabolite count will help you pass any drug test.


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  • Prepares your body for the drug detoxification process and helps balance nutrients and proper cleansing.
  • Use for preparation, maintenance and added security for random drug testing.
  • Helps to accelerate the elimination of drug toxins in the body so you pass any random drug tests.
  • Quantity is 60 tablets per bottle, which will generally last 2 months if used as a regular supplement.

How to pass a urine drug test with ClearChoice Herbal PreCleanse:

Take 2 tablets daily with plenty of water.
For Best Results: Use as a supplement in addition to the Clear Choice products.

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