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Pass a Urine Drug Test

With the exception of the Clear Choice Instant Clean Additive all of our urine drug test products are 'FLUSHING AGENTS'. What this means is that these detox products FLUSH drug metabolites from your urinary tract enabling you to provide a clean urine sample and that they are COMPLETELY UNDETECTABLE.

For what it is worth my Five Star Picks to pass a urine drug test Below.
For Scheduled urine drug tests: Heavy users or over 200 pounds.
For Scheduled urine drug tests: Light users or under 200 pounds.
Stinger Total Detox Whole Body Cleanser
Undetectable Flushing Agent!
Stinger Total Detox Whole Body Cleanser
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For Random urine drug tests: All use and weight levels.
ClearChoice Instant Clean Add-it-ive
Undetectable Urine Additive
ClearChoice Instant Clean Add-it-ive

Tips on how to pass a urine drug test

Do not ingest massive amounts of water - this can result in a diluted test result. While dilution does not automatically cause you to fail your urine drug test it can be a red flag which could result in additional drug testing.

It is best to urinate as frequently as you can prior to the urine drug test. This will remove toxins.

When providing the urine sample do not give from the beginning of your urine stream. Pee a little bit outside of the specimen cup then provide the urine sample from mid-stream.

For the best results follow the directions on each product carefully.

For additional information please see, 'How to pass a urine drug test' & More tips on passing a drug test

Detox Products to pass a urine drug test:

To pass a urine drug test all of the above detox products do work and come with guarantees. I did not rate them as high as the others because they may have been pricier or perhaps not as simple to use. If you have used these product to successfully pass a urine drug test in the past, PLEASE, by all means, use them again - there is nothing wrong with them, it is just my opinion that there are easier to use and less expensive solutions on this website to pass your urine drug test.

Urine drug testing is used in many types of drug testing including pre-employment, randomly, post-accident, for cause and return to duty. Basically, your employer has the right to test you for drug use just about anytime they choose.