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Saliva drug testing

Saliva Drug Testing information and facts.
Saliva drug testing is most often used in law enforcement and post accident drug testing situations. Saliva drug testing is easy to administer and can show recent drug use. If saliva drug testing is being used in your place of work you need to find out the best way to combat it.

Saliva Drug Testing Information

Saliva drug testing, aka mouth or oral swab drug testing, can generally detect drug use in the last few days. This makes slaiva drug testing excellent for post-accident drug testing. The test involves taking a swab of saliva from the individual and sending it off to a lab for testing. Saliva is based on the blood so they can be difficult to beat without some type of adulterant.

Saliva drug testing is used in a number of situations including pre-employment, randomly, post-accident, for cause and return to duty. The big use though is post accident because of the ability of the saliva drug test to detect recent use.

Saliva drug testing is becoming very popular with employers. They cost more but are easier to administer and do not annoy employees as much when compared to a urine drug testing. Look for saliva drug testing to skyrocket over the next several years.

Saliva Drug Testing Facts

Fact: Most saliva drug tests are limited to the NIDA5 - Cocaine , marijuana, opiates, amphetamines and barbituates but when warranted saliva drug testing can be set up to detect any drug use.

Fact: Unlike urine drug testing, saliva drug testing can detect very recent use which is why they are used in post accident drug testing.

Fact: Saliva drug testing cannot be beat with conventional mouthwashes. To pass a saliva drug test a saliva mouthwash solution such as our Stinger Saliva Mouthwash must be used to neutralize toxins.