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Tips on passing a drug test

Tips on passing a drug test from Passing Piss Tests .com

For an explanation of some of the terms used please see our Drug Test Glossary.

Below are a few tips for passing your drug test. Most of these are based on real-world experience over the last decade or so. There really are no effective tips or passing saliva or hair drug tests other than abstinence so the primary focus will be on tips for passing a urine drug test.

Tip 1. Detemine if you are in danger of failing your drug test. Consult this drug test detection times chart to determine if you are at risk. This chart is a general guideline and is not written in stone. If you are in doubt, make preperations for your drug test.

Tip 2. Stop drug use as soon as you know you have an upcoming drug test. The longer you are toxin free the better chances of your results being below the cutoff levels.

Tip 3. Increase your metabolism by increasing your amount of cardiovascular excercise. This will help you process toxins out of your system quicker.

Tip 4. Increase fluid intake, especially water. This tip should be followed up until the day of the test. Do not drink excessive fluids the day of your drug test, this could result in a diluted test result.

Tip 5. Better diet. Keep away from fatty and chemically laden foods. Stick with an all natural diet heavy in vegetables. This will help you naturally detoxify.

The above are 5 tips on passing a drug test that you can follow before the test. Here are a few more tips to pass a drug test for the day of the test:

1. Never give them your first urination of the day as a urine sample. Pee as much as you can prior to the test to remove any toxins from your urinary tract.

2. When giving the urine sample give it from mid-stream. In other words, begin to urinate into the toilet, then catch your sample, then finish urinating into the toilet.

All of the tips when used in conjunction with some type of product to pass a urine drug test should do the trick.

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