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Types of drug testing

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passing a drug test

Types of drug testing

Types of employment drug testing you may encounter.

For an explanation of some of the terms used please see our Drug Test Glossary.

Most people are aware of the different types of drug testing such as hair, urine, sweat, saliva or blood. But most people do not know under what circumstances these drug tests can be given. We will explore 5 types of drug tests below, but these by no means cover all circumstances. In reality, your employer can drug test you for just about any reason they choose.

1. Pre-Employment drug test: Ths is the type of drug test that most people are familiar with. Essentially you agree to take a drug test as a pre-condition of accepting a job.

2. Post-accident drug test: This type of drug test is given after some type of accident occurs in the workplace.

3. Return to duty drug testing: This type of drug test is given upon return to work after a lengthy abscense. This could be due to a work related injury or even a long vacation.

4. Random drug testing: This type of drug testing is the most controversial yet the most effective at deterring drug use. Essentially your employer can pull youaside for any reason and demand a drug test sample. (see for-cause drug testing below also).

5. For-cause drug testing: This type of drug test can be administered for any number of reasons. Frequent tardiness to work? Insubordination? Productivity drop? Any of these reasons and just about any others your employer can come up with are reasons for 'for-cause drug testing'.

Your employer can legitimately subject you to any of the above types of drug tests at their discretion.

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