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Blood Drug Tests

Blood tests are the most expensive and most intrusive form of drug testing. They are also the most accurate method of testnd the least common because of the expense. Blood tests are not very popular due to the widespread fear of blood borne infectious diseases. Blood testlso has a short detection period and requires trained phlebotomists to take to the blood from the individual.

Blood tests cannot only be used to determine if you are using recreational drugs, but they can be used to determine if you are on any other types of medications. Blood may be used for testing for alcohol, but only within a few hours after alcohol has been ingested. If an individual is an alcoholic, there may be a longer available window due to the build-up of alcohol in the blood.

There are also some personal risks involved with blood tests. If you have a fear of needles then that will be one obstacle, but other problems include:

Excessive Bleeding
Blood accumulating under the skin (Hematoma)
Infection at site of needle puncture
Multiple punctures to veins - May occur if phlebotomist has not be trained properly or is new
Fainting or Feeling lightheaded

Substance Detection Period by Blood Drug Test

Alcohol Unknown
Amphetamines Unknown
Barbiturates Unknown
Benzodiazepines Unknown
Cannabis (Single Use) 2-3 days
Cannabis (Habitual Use) 2 weeks
Cocaine Unknown
Codeine/Morphine Unknown
Methamphetamines 1-3 days
PCP 1-3 days

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