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Home Remedies to pass a drug test

There are several home remedies that people have been attempting in order to pass drug tests for several years.

The main problem is that as the drug tests become more technologically advanced and as more methods of drug test are implemented, home remedies are becoming less reliable.

Here are a few of the most popular home remedies and why they don't work.

Washing Your System with Water
Washing your system by drinking large quantities of water about 4 to 6 hours prior to a drug test has been recommended in emergency situations. There are dangers behind drinking too much water including water intoxication, which leads to another condition called hypnoatremia. This is a condition in which causes the body to lose electrolytes dilutes the sodium in the body.

From the cellular level, you are essentially drowning yourself. Electrolyte imbalances and the swelling of tissues can cause an irregular heartbeat, allow fluid to enter the lungs and may cause the eyelids to flutter. Swelling can also put pressure on the brain and nerves, which can cause seizures, coma and ultimately death.

In the case of drinking enough water to pass a drug test, you may actually do yourself more harm in testing because your urine is lightly to be heavily diluted. This is abnormal and many tests will recognize that an unusual amount of water was consumed prior to the test.

If you drink so much water that your urine looks diluted, the testing company may assume that you have diluted your urine and you may fail the test because of this.

Drinking Vinegar
Many believe that drinking vinegar and water together will flush your system, but this is only a myth. Vinegar will lower the pH of urine and Amphetamines may be excreted three times faster when your urine is acidic. Vinegar may reduce detection time, but you are still likely to be detected. Vinegar will also cause diarrhea, which can also cause dehydration. You will need to drink plenty of water if you use the vinegar option.

Cover Diluted Urine Sample
If you have been drinking large quantities of water, you may find that your urine is diluted. A diluted sample can cause you more problems because you may be accused of tampering with your sample. There are two other options that people have tried to cover a diluted sample.

Creatinine Level
a. Eating red meat will boost your creatinine levels and it has been suggested that if you eat a large amount of red meat for about three days before your drug test, you can cover a diluted sample because the creatinine levels will be normal.

Vitamin B or Vitamin C
By taking 50 to 100 milligrams of vitamin B or vitamin C, you may be able to color your urine sample yellow. Time-release vitamins may pose a problem if you are attempting this method.

There are several problems with these strategies. The main problem is that diluted samples are tested for specific gravity and creatinine levels that are below normal or above normal. If you eat too much red meat, you may end up hurting your test even more. If you only take the vitamins, you may have yellow urine, but they will still test as diluted samples. If you take too much vitamin B or C, these unnecessary levels will be excreted through your urine and many drug-testing companies are testing for abnormal levels of vitamins.

Diuretics will cause you to urinate frequently. There are several diuretics that you may consume on a regular basis including:

Cranberry Juice
Iced Tea
Herbal Tea

If you are consuming enough of a diuretic to flush your system, you may find that you will become seriously dehydrated.

Diuretics can cause you to lose vital fluids and electrolytes and may even cause kidney damage from frequent urination. Electrolyte imbalances are also a dangerous effect that can cause heart, kidney and liver problems.

Many kidney and liver problems will also cause you to have a false positive drug test for the majority of recreational drugs. If your electrolytes are imbalanced, you are at risk for heart failure or sudden death.

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