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Saliva drug tests

Saliva drug tests are typically a little more expensive than other drug tests. Saliva drug tests are becoming more preferred in the workplace as they are a less intrusive form of all drug tests and are easiest to administer. Employers love the simplicity and lackof invasiveness of saliva drug tests because it gives employees less to gripe about.

Another benefit is that saliva drug tests detect more recent use than other drug tests. This is great for post-accident drug tests which are often used to settle insurance and workers benefits claims.

Saliva drug tests are very product specific because there are no nationally accepted standards or cutoff concentrations. Saliva drug tests do require lab processing to ensure that the tests are accurate.

Saliva drug tests are also the hardest to manipulate by the drug user. Saliva drug tests tend to mimic the results that would be found in plasma drug tests.

Substance Detection Period for saliva drug tests

Alcohol Undetermined
Amphetamines 3 days
Barbiturates Unknown
Cannibis (Habitual Use) 1 hour after ingestion, Up to 14hours
Cocaine for 48 hours
Codeine/Morphine 12-36hrs
Heroin for 48hrs
Methamphetamine for 48 to 72hours
PCP 72hrs

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