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Sweat Drug Tests

The sweat test is a new form of drug testing that involves the individual being tested to wear a patch for a specific period of time. The test is considered somewhat intrusive and the reliability has still not been confirmed. These tests are relatively uncommon, but they may grow in popularity, as the test is made more reliable.

The accuracy of the sweat test is also somewhat controversial, as if you have smoke on your body from marijuana, for example, the test may give a false reading. These tests may be able to detect some substances that would not trigger other tests that are currently being used. If a single drug has been used for longer than one week, the sweat test will be positive while the urine test may be negative.

The test is performed by a patch being placed on the skin and the patch then absorbs sweat over the time period that it is worn. It is possible to get a positive result if you use a drug during the time you are wearing the patch.

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