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pass drug test

Pass Drug Test

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In todays workplace many otherwise law abiding employees find themselves with a need to pass an employer mandated drug test. It is horribly unfair having your boss monitor your personal time but there is little to nothing that can be done about it.

In this article, 'Pass Drug Test', I will try to pass on the most effective methods I know to pass a drug test. This knowledge was gained over many years of direct contact with both drug users and drug test experiences which were successfully passed.

When attempting to pass a drug test please keep in mind there are a number of common steps which you can take to insure you to pass your drug test.

1. Stop drug use as soon as you are notified that you have an upcoming drug test. The longer you are toxin free the better chance you have to pass your drug test.

2. Water consumption is a good start to pass your drug test and for 'flushing' toxins from your system. However, only consume up to the night *before* the drug test. Drinking excessive liquids the day of the drug test could cause a 'diluted' test results because of the excess moisture in your urine. That type of drug test report is not the same as failing your drug test but it is a red flag and may result in additional drug testing by either hair or saliva which are more difficult to pass.

3. Exercise can be a great path to pass your drug test. Strenuous workouts, especially cardio, increases the bodies metabolism which will speed your natural detoxification process which will certainly help you pass your drug test.

4. Diet can also be a critical factor when trying to detoxify to pass a drug test. An intake of carbs, veggies & proteins without any junk food will help your body naturally expel impurities to pass your drug test.

Now, all of the above can definitely help you pass a drug test, but a 99.99% way of beating your drug test is through the use of some aid designed specifically to pass drug tests. Later, we will have a look at some other products to pass your drug test.