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  • PassingPissTests- one of the most targeted reseller programs on the internet!

    We market Products that are NEEDED by everyone who smokes pot & has a job! According to government statistics that is a full 11% of the population!

    In fact GNC Nutritional Centers alone sell more than 60,000 units per month!

    Being not only well know by surfers, but also trusted, NEEDED, inexpensive and for the first time obtainable in the privacy of their own home, we have a winning combination for guaranteed success. Put this in front of your surfers and watch your income skyrocket!

    Recognized * Trusted * Inexpensive * NEEDED
    Equals a recipe for success!

    Our targeted banners only attract surfers specifically interested in purchasing products to allow them to pass random urinalysis testing in the work place.

    One of the big advantages of this program to you is that when you send us a surfer we do not launch consoles or redirect them to another web site.

    You send the surfer, they view the product then make a decision to purchase or not. At that point the surfer can safely back out of our store front to give you the opportunity to generate additional income off of them through your other reseller programs.

    Because of this layout you have nothing to lose & everything to gain by signing up tonight! Please read the program payout specifics & AUP below befre signing up.

  • Program payout specifics:

    The program currently pays you a 10% commission for sales you make of a surfer you referred purchases.

    Checks are mailed standard USPS on the 12th day of each month for the previous month.

  • Acceptable use policy:

    You may not under any circumstances promote the product through SPAM or UCE. This will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of monies owed.

    You may not post to newsgroups other than in the normal course of a communication.
    This will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of monies owed.

    Our server logs are the sole means of determing payouts.

  • Ready to go?

    The next step is to get you signed up and generate your referral codes so you can start making money.



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